Next Century Publishing is proud to be the world’s first hybrid publisher. While we appreciate everything the traditional publishing sector has to offer, we cannot ignore the massive movement toward independent, or self-publishing, that is happening throughout the world. NCP is the first publisher to offer both low-cost, author-controlled independent/self-publishing and traditional advance/royalty-based publishing.

Although we do not accept book proposals or solicitation from agents, we continually look for the next New York Times bestseller. If you come to us for self-publishing, our Director of Acquisitions may contact you about buying the rights to your book, offering you a hefty advance, and taking your book around the world! NCP typically offers between 20 and 30 royalty contracts a year.

If you believe in your book, then you owe it to yourself to work with us.


What can you expect from NCP?

Production costs that are 20 30% lower than any other publisher. Check out our Start Here page to see how we stand up against Createspace and Lulu. Yep, we are killing them.

Production time will vary depending on the length and scope of your book. Generally, you can expect your book to be printed in about 60 days, if your manuscript has good content.

Ghostwriting is a viable option for all books. It is designed to help advance a primary platform, such as speaking or business, and position the author as an expert. We have the lowest- cost ghostwriting services, and use NYT– quality writers. Extremely proficient fiction writers are available as well. Whether fiction or nonfiction, you can expect an average project to be written in about 90 days.

Editing and proofreading create the “first date” impression between a reader and a book. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. NCP offers the highest quality editing and proofing. In the initial review of your work, we will let you know the level of editing or proofreading needed. We want to make your book come alive! NCP makes money selling books, and we want yours to be the best it can be.

Book covers are like eye -candy, and NCP has award-winning graphic designers ready to work with you. We realize the cover is what catches the reader’s attention; it has to be bold and dramatic, yet still capture the heart. We start with an author interview to get a good feel of what covers/graphics you like. We then start the design process, working diligently to make the cover exactly what you want while remembering what sells. Other self-publishing giants may use stock photos and nondescript pictures; however, we are creating a “Blue Ocean” in cover design.

Printing costs are the lowest available and NCP intentionally passes the savings on to you. We make very little profit in printing, but we are experts in marketing books. It’s called having “skin in the game.” When you make money, we do as well.

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