Next Century Publishing Affiliate Program

At Next Century Publishing, we are pioneering an entirely new way to help people to write, read, and experience books. We pride ourselves in our innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. Without question, innovation in this space will revolve around the Internet. Key trends and ideas that have made the web a necessary part of any business are going to be even more important in the publishing world of the future.

Part of our push to transform the publishing industry is our NCP Affiliate Program. In the world of blogging and information, affiliate programs are common and are used as part of an overall sales strategy. At NCP, however, we have decided to forgo the traditional sales mindset in publishing and redirect that money to affiliates who are willing to take the time and effort to refer NCP to their communities.

We are directing over 25% of our revenue into this channel, which is the money that would have been paid to traditional salespeople.

Next Century Publishing is now accepting accredited affiliate inquiries. If you are a savvy web 2.0 participant, whether you are a blogger or a social media expert, you can now become an affiliate marketer for Next Century Publishing.

As an affiliate, you will be set up with your own branded version of our NCP website. You will also be given all of the marketing support you need through our affiliate password-protected portal. On a weekly basis, we will e-mail you information about our company, the industry, publishing, book selling, etc.

On a bi-weekly basis, we will be conducting a live telephone conference for all affiliates where they can ask questions and clarify points.

In return for referring future authors to Next Century Publishing, affiliates will be financially rewarded through the most lucrative affiliate program to hit the publishing industry. You will be paid 5% of all revenue earned from that client. Once the revenue from your referrals surpasses $100,000, in a year, your commission will increase to 10% for amounts you continue refer.

(* This does not include printing services).

If you look at our services section, you will see that an average author publishing a 200-page book will invest approximately $2,000 in production costs.

In addition, we have marketing packages for authors that range from $1,000 to $20,000 with the average author investing $2,500 in marketing.

This means that if an author spends $4,500, that represents a $225 to $450 commission to you for giving us a referral. Our inside editorial staff will close the sale and walk clients through the process. You only have to refer your authors to NCP. Your referrals will be tracked, based on your name and/or your personal website link.

It’s simple! Post a NCP banner or ad on your website, and when a client clicks your ad and we turn them into our client, you get paid!

As an example, if you were to refer 30 clients in a year (and each pays $4,500 for services needed), that would result in $6,750 in commissions for you.

When the total of revenue from your referrals surpasses $100,000 USD, you will be given the opportunity to write and publish a book at our expense. (*maximum 150 pages) This bonus of a Full Book Writing Deal is worth $30,000! This offer includes all book production, entrance into our store, our POD system, our $10,000 marketing system.

(*If you are not interested in writing a book, you can sell this offer to any person of your choosing for $10,000 USD.)

To become a NCP affiliate today, simply fill out the form below or call: 1-888-650-1775.



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